Welcome to Moothedan Family Trust

35 years back the Moothedan family members formed a trust called " Padayatty Moothedan" family Trust . There is a general gathering of all members of the family on 26th January of every year . It is a full day program starting with Holy mass commemorating the demised members of the family followed by official meeting with prominent personalities as chief guests ,cultural programs of the family members..A pre-general body is also conducted every year wherein secretary’s annual report and Treasurer’s book of accounts are presented and approved after discussion…Read More..

Our Vision

Nurturing forward thoughts for the overall development of the members is supposed to be the critical thought of this community. The light to study , the power to understand and the gift to express clearly for the service of all mankind is sought from God Almighty, through the heavenly prayers of Msgr.Thomas Moothedan

Msgr.Thomas Moothedan

His Grace was born in 1911 at Meloor Village in Mukundapruam Taluk as the fifth son to Mr.Anthony and Mrs.Thresia.He has four brothers and one sister.He belonged to Meloor Parish in Ernakulam Diocese.Msgr.Thomas Moothedan published nearly 86 books in Malyalam and English languages.Msgr.Thomas Moothedan translated the Bible single handed with out the use of technology into malayalam in 1967 when no other translation was available.Read More...

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